Team Building - Nha Trang, Vietnam

Our recent team-building trip in Nha Trang – Vietnam, was a transformative experience that deepened our bonds and invigorated our team spirit. Each moment fostered camaraderie and personal growth.

As we return to our work routines, we carry with us the memories of laughter, shared adventures, and newfound inspiration. We are grateful for the opportunity to create lasting memories and forge deeper connections, setting the stage for continued success and unity within our team.

Workshop: Influential Leadership - The NLP Way

NLP – Neurolinguistic programming is an approach that focuses on how you communicate with yourself and others, and how this affects behaviors and behavior outcomes.

With the participation of HR Manager, HR Specialist, Legal Specialist,… from our clients and partners. We brought the exciting training methods, and participants had hands-on activities and interacted with each other. Knowledge is practiced and applied immediately

Workshop: Mindful Leadership

Shelby Global is pleased to train the personnel of partner businesses on the topic of Mindful Leadership.

The Workshop revolves around main issues: communication at work, changing one’s perspective to work effectively, understanding the individual’s role in an organization.

Workshop: Leadership & Emotional Intelligence

Shelby Global accompanies businesses as a human resources training expert.

The Workshop revolves around main issues: Improving mindfulness, cultivating positive thinking, stress management,…

Workshop - Soft Skills Training for Students

At the University. Ho Chi Minh City Technical Pedagogy, together with VSE Academy, we organized a soft skills training session for students in the fields of International Business, Industrial Management and Information Technology.