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Soft Skills Development Trainings

What makes someone a good employee and easy to work with? The answer is something known as “soft” skills. Apart from the knowledge & skills which one should have to be successful in a role, what makes a very few winners , high achievers and few other performers is ATTITUDE. At a large work force , where they are struggling to keep pace with the JOB requirement it is only strong Soft and Behavioral Skills.

Our personal qualities, habits, and attitudes influence how we interact and work with others, influencing them to raise the bar of achievement and collectively win as a team. Companies value soft skills because they are often linked to job performance and career success. Soft skills may mean the difference between who can do the job and who actually gets the job.

At Shelby our Soft Skill Development Program is unique and special as it transforms employees in their sphere of influence making it more comfortable and acceptable to train with us.

Shelby’s Methodology

In our trainings, we maximize knowledge assimilation in the participants through combination of execution elements like

  • Case discussions
  • Exercise
  • Simulated games and activities
  • Video led sessions
  • Quizzes and Questionnaire
  • Discussions on global best practices

The approach of the training would be based on a “Theme” with associated skills embedded to design an interactive learning module. At the end of each training, we facilitate the participants to distill Key Learning and prepare Action Plans to deliver solid results for our clients.

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