You Cannot Afford to Make a Bad Hire… why?

You Cannot Afford to Make a Bad Hire

The job market today is quite competitive and concerning for businesses with the lingering skills gap surrounding it. Hiring is an expensive investment. It starts with recruiting and advertising and continues through the employee onboarding process and beyond. It is not unusual for managers to make hiring decisions based on gut instinct, but that can swiftly boomerang if the employee simply is not a good fit.  

The recruitment team at every company works hard and expends lots of money to identify and bring aboard the right person to fill an open role. That being said, every now and then a new employee is hired who turns out to be a liability for their team, their department, and the company as a whole.

Repercussions of bad hire:

Economic costs-The costs of interviewing, hiring, and training a new recruit are high and are lost if that employee winds up being a bad hire. Also to be factored in is the cost of lost business and prospects over this period. The 3-6 months’ time lost with a poor fit employee could easily have been time spent with a superstar in the role, making sales, building relationships and bringing new ideas to the table.

Employee morale goes downhill –There are many reasons a new employee can turn out to be a bad hire, one of the most common is they bring a undesirable attitude into the workplace. If this happens, the morale in the team gets a negative jolt. Good employees will resent having to put up with the baloney, self-esteem will suffer, standards will fall and sooner or later, good employees will leave.

Larger assignment for other employees– Be it ineffectiveness, lethargy or the combination of two which makes an employee a bad hire, their faults would affect other proficient co-workers leading to long hours of work .                                                                                                                             

Influence on Customers: Bad hires cannot seem to find that grip towards their job accountabilities, and even if they can, are always watching for shortcuts, or making customers disappointed due to their lack of customer service. The price of getting a new customer is way more costly than keeping prevailing customers, and one damaging interaction with a bad hire may cause that customer to walk away. Ultimately, organization’s brand and reputation will take a hit.

Manager’s position: All managers’ make a bad hire now and then. No one is flawless. However, if a manager is part to a pattern of bad hires, then they get a tag as an inept manager. No manager can make up for a squad of bad hires. Managers are now under a considerable amount of pressure to manage teams when those groups are encompassed of capable, resourceful employees. Add a bad hire to any team and it’s definite to generate a grave amount of stress to them.

While there are no assurances, taking the time to cast a comprehensive net and doing your due diligence in selecting employees is well worth the exertion and would minimalize the odds of a bad hire. 

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