As the coronavirus pandemic forges on, businesses around the globe are closing their doors, almost everyone is working remotely and the fear of a recession is progressively looming threat in coming days. The ambush of Chinese Virus (COVID-19) news can be quite intimidating and stressful – both from a personal and professional standpoint. For businesses […]

21ST Century Leadership

“In the twenty-first century, more than ever before, effective leadership is about serving others. The Digital Revolution is transforming a transaction-based world into a relationship-based world. The capacity of individuals and organizations to serve others is greater than ever before. You’re able to create more relationships, and serve more people more effectively in those relationships, […]

You Cannot Afford to Make a Bad Hire… why?

The job market today is quite competitive and concerning for businesses with the lingering skills gap surrounding it. Hiring is an expensive investment. It starts with recruiting and advertising and continues through the employee onboarding process and beyond. It is not unusual for managers to make hiring decisions based on gut instinct, but that can […]