How to make a choice between two excellent candidates?

After reviewing a series of resumes and conducting multiple rounds of interviews to find a suitable candidate for the position you are hiring, you have reached the final stage of the recruitment process. You are now faced with a difficult decision: choosing between two outstanding candidates. This is a common challenge for many recruitment managers. In this article, Shelby will provide some useful suggestions to help you make the right decision between two top candidates.

How to decide whom to hire?

Carefully review the job description to select a suitable candidate

Start by revisiting the initial job description posting. Examine the profile of the potential candidates that the company is targeting and desires to have within the team. This will help you make a decision that closely aligns with the needs of the entire team.

Long-term commitment is a characteristic of a potential candidate

In the beginning, candidates are often excited to explore a new environment. However, as this phase passes, they tend to adjust their attitudes, and some may change jobs. Therefore, based on your experience, analyze the short-term and long-term goals of the candidates through all their answers. Find out if the candidate’s goals align with the long-term vision your company is aiming for.

This can be the most effective way to evaluate, as it indicates the level of desire to work in your organization. Outstanding candidates usually have many choices. Consider practical factors such as salary and benefits, and whether they align with their capabilities and desires.

Make sure both candidates are equally excellent

You may view the situation from your perspective and comment that both candidates are equally qualified. However, there may be certain differences from another perspective. Engage in direct discussions with those who will be their superiors, colleagues, or mentors to gain a deeper insight into the suitability of each candidate. Ask specific questions related to the responsibilities and challenges of the position. This can provide different perspectives to help make the right decision.

Reference – Consult with the candidate’s former colleagues

Directly talk to the candidate’s former colleagues to gain deeper insights into their reliability, work ethics, and compatibility with the team’s culture. Checking references seems to be a third-party action, confirming your information or discovering new factors that contribute to the decision-making process.

Trust the expertise of recruitment professionals

Using the knowledge of recruitment experts can help you make the right decision. Collaborating with a recruitment company is a method to speed up, make more accurate, and more efficient hiring. Shelby’s recruitment team specializes in assessing technical skills and cultural fit. We ensure that the decision will be accurate.